R & I Machine Works was founded in 1993 by Raul and Israel Amaro, the father and son team have over 40 years of combined experience in the machining industry; merging the traditional ways of machining with the newest computer numerically controlled(CNC) equipment. This combination of tradition and technology has allowed the company to not only maintain its established clients but to also draw in new clients who seek a trust-worthy and efficient provider for their machining needs.

Since its founding, the company has steadily grown and now maintains a 7200 square foot facility in Houston, Texas well suited to serve your CNC, conventional, and EDM machining needs. Our well equipped facility and carefully trained employees provide assurance to our customers' who often work on tight schedules.

At R & I Machine Works, we are committed to providing quality precision machined parts on time and at the most competitive price to our customers. Coupled with our ever advancing technology, our heritage in the machining industry signifies no job is too complex; we have the know-how and equipment to machine parts other business' would turn away.